Monday, February 28, 2011

Chilean Patagonia Destination Part 1

John Miller and I went to Chile/Patagonia to experience first hand what we've been hearing about for years. That is that Chile is one of the most pristine fishing destinations for large rainbows and browns on the planet. Well I can honestly say that Chile is without question one of God's gifts to mankind. We found a lot more than just excellent fishing. Yes we caught a lot of huge trout that have not been caught before, but we also found solitude and pristine beauty. On top of that we found a worry free well organized trip that left us totally carefree. Our biggest concern was should we try dry, nymph or streamers and even that was answered by our more than qualified guides.
We experienced the hospitality of two lodges. The Picacho Lodge and the Coyhaique River Lodge. We were treated like family. The Picacho Lodge (featured in this article) is a remote destination that will exceed your expectations in all categories.

The Picacho Lodge offers more water than you can fish in a month. You may not fish the same water twice. There are marshes, lagoons, lakes, rivers and tributaries, all accessible from the Lodge via small Jet boat. Since there are no roads, the jet boat is the only means of transportation along with an occasional hike to some of the high elevation lakes, or lagoons if you desire.

John Casting to a Large Brown and a Lake Full of Large Trout
With Beauty like this it was hard to focus on Fishing

This place is very hard to describe because it's not just about catching large fish. It's about the entire experience. People, culture, cuisine, comfort, solitude, beauty and new friendships. This was a first rate experience.

Claudio, one of our Guides