Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chilean Patagonia Adventure March 23rd.

Thought I would add these videos to get you excited. It's a great overview of what you will see and do during your trip to Picacho Lodge in Chilean Patagonia. Streamer fishing is my favorite, but we also have excellent dry fly fishing as well. These fish are pretty easy for the most part, although we do have some spring creek like fishing as well.  So Take a look at these videos for an overview of an adventure destination in Patagonia, Chile.

Well the dates have changed but we are finally ready to go. We will actually depart March 22nd and return on March 30th. I have room for one more on our trip so if you are interested, contact me at

I can't wait to escape the snow and fish for huge trout on pristine rivers, lakes and small streams. All remote with beauty that is breath taking.

Some of the Patagonian Beauty

A Beautiful Brown from Lago Roosevelt

Since we are heading to Chile during their fall months we should be prepared for weather in 70's as well as weather in the high 40's. The air will be crisp in the morning hours to gentle temps in afternoon. The weather here is similar to Northern British Columbia during their fall months.

The fishing should be superb with fish sporting their fall colors. During this time period, we will be fishing Big Ugly floating patterns and big meaty streamers.  See this streamer article for streamer fishing primer.

Below is more or less a check list for you regarding fishing gear and clothing.

A Picacho River Brown


  • Fly rod for casting streamers with 150gr to 250gr lines 6 to 8wt
  • Fly rod for fishing dries and nymphs  5 or 6wt
  • Flies (Streamers, nymphs, and dries) I'll get you a list of what you will need.
  • Leaders and tippets. Bring 9' tapered to 3 or 4X. Bring at least 3.  Bring Mirage tippet in 4 and 5X.
  • Waders and boots
  • Raincoat
  • Wading belt
  • A small day back (water resistant if possible)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Nippers and forceps 
  • If you use a fishing vest bring it.
  • Camera
  • Binoculars if you want.

Clothing / Misc

The weather will be similar to Fall in British Columbia. It can be very pleasant with temps in the low 70's or could be as cold as mid 40's
With that in mind, be prepared. I suggest the following layering.
  • No cotton against the skin.
  • On colder days wool or poly material long johns against the skin
  • Fleece or wool over the long johns
  • Good breathable rain coat
  • Scarf
  • I wear nylon socks and wicking or wool socks over the nylon.
  • In your pack bring dry clothes to put on if needed. You can always add layers or reduce layers.
  • Fingerless gloves 
  • Warm hat and baseball hat
  • Small flash light
  • Chargers with converters and adapters
Warm weather clothes can be anything including cotton against the skin. Just bring a day pack to layer up if necessary during the day. We will be gone all day and will not be close to the lodge.

Travel Info

Repeat Visitors
We will fly out of Cleveland early Friday afternoon to Santiago where we will clear customs. Then board a plain bound for Balmaceda. We will be met in Balmaceda by the Picacho lodge personnel who will transport us to the Jet Catarafts.  Here we'll get into our waders and boat into the Lodge. 

We will finalize our flights over the next few days and provide detailed travel itineraries.

Stay tuned for more prep information and don't forget to stop back to see the results of our trip.  We have good fisherman going on this trip so we should have some great grip and grin pictures along with some great shots of the beauty surrounding us.

Good fishing to all,

Scott McClintock

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Chilean, Patagonia Adventure

Yes we are at it again. We are going to Patagonia for another adventure in Fly Fishing. We have two dates that are filling fast. February 23rd and March 29th.  Contact info
Scott with a large brown taken on a remote lake

Follow this blog and get up to date on your trip to Patagonia. We will provide an overview of travel info, equipment needs, flies and tying instructions, what's included and a little Chilean history and hospitality.

What could be better than leaving the winter climates and heading to the southern hemisphere for some trout fishing on some of the most pristine water anywhere?  Join me on a fishing adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. Contact me for details and lets go catch some trout.

A beautiful setting and a river full of trout.

Once you make the decision to join our adventure we will provide you with information regarding flights to Santiago and Balmeceda. Your adventure begins at the Balmeceda airport where you will be greeted and taken care by the Picacho staff until you get back on the plain bound for home. The only thing you will need to do is relax and go with your guide to fish in some of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

A nice brown on remote water        

The lodge remote and is as nice as they come.  Staffed with a chef, house keeping and friendly guides that will become your friends as well. The lodge is situated on the Picacho river which is your gateway to one of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the world. You will travel by jet catarafts to lakes, rivers, streams, lagoons providing you with trout fishing and scenery that is sure to please.

The Lodge on the River Pacacho

Planning for tomorrow

Sitting around telling fish stories

There will be 5 to 6 fisherman at the lodge along with guides and lodge staff. There are 4 private bedrooms and one double along with 3 private showers. All meals and beverages are included including Chilean wines, beers, and other specialty drinks.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information and certainly more grip and grin pictures. I hope you give this serious consideration our price for this trip can't be matched and you will be amazed at the pristine nature of your destination.

Until next week tight lines to all of you

Scott McClintock
RSM Fly Fishing

"Scroll down to some pics from our 2012 trip"


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chilean Patagonia Adventure

We had a good group this time. All 0f them were first timers to Chile but good fisherman. I was excited to show them the wonders of Patagonia and the Picacho Lodge. It's not just about the fishing. It's about exploring and experiencing new cultures and traditions along with remote fishing opportunities.
The Picacho Lodge is a remote lodge that provides upscale lodging and services in a remote location that can only be reached by jet boat. There are no roads. You will probably fish the entire week and not see another fisherman. The lodge holds up to 6 guests. There will be two guests per guide. All guides speak english to some degree so communications is not an issue.
Below is the first post of our trip, but be sure and check back for our next posting.
Chilean Patagonia, a mountain of Beauty

A lake with plenty of large Browns and Bows

Part of the Lodge

A Gorgeous sunset prior to dinner.

Just hanging out having some Chilean wine and telling stories.

A traditional Asada

Not Much Left.

Ya, I got to fish some too.

We motored to a spot for some wade fishing.

Lots of great fishing all to ourselves.

If you look close you will see two of our group

You don't think there are trout in that seem do you

Nate brought these two fish to the net on a small remote stream
before I got up there with the camera.

Nate with another fine fish on small water.

Piero, Nate and Christian

Get the net ready!

A nice bow from a remote lagoon.

A nice fat Brown

Nate got this chunk on a small remote stream

Ya gotta love these fish
This is just a taste, stop back for part 2 of our Chilean Adventure. As always if you have any questions feel free to give me a call. It's time to begin planning your trip to Chile. I don't have the dates yet, but it will be in February or the Chilean summer.
Until next time, big fish to you,
Scott McClintock
RSM Fly Fishing

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chilean Patagonia Destination Part 1

John Miller and I went to Chile/Patagonia to experience first hand what we've been hearing about for years. That is that Chile is one of the most pristine fishing destinations for large rainbows and browns on the planet. Well I can honestly say that Chile is without question one of God's gifts to mankind. We found a lot more than just excellent fishing. Yes we caught a lot of huge trout that have not been caught before, but we also found solitude and pristine beauty. On top of that we found a worry free well organized trip that left us totally carefree. Our biggest concern was should we try dry, nymph or streamers and even that was answered by our more than qualified guides.
We experienced the hospitality of two lodges. The Picacho Lodge and the Coyhaique River Lodge. We were treated like family. The Picacho Lodge (featured in this article) is a remote destination that will exceed your expectations in all categories.

The Picacho Lodge offers more water than you can fish in a month. You may not fish the same water twice. There are marshes, lagoons, lakes, rivers and tributaries, all accessible from the Lodge via small Jet boat. Since there are no roads, the jet boat is the only means of transportation along with an occasional hike to some of the high elevation lakes, or lagoons if you desire.

John Casting to a Large Brown and a Lake Full of Large Trout
With Beauty like this it was hard to focus on Fishing

This place is very hard to describe because it's not just about catching large fish. It's about the entire experience. People, culture, cuisine, comfort, solitude, beauty and new friendships. This was a first rate experience.

Claudio, one of our Guides